Moin, Moin, and hello from Hamburg.

I would like to introduce myself to you personally.

Who am I?

I am an unusual mix of geek, versatile enthusiast and reliable realist.

I am interested in electronic, technology, gadgets and all kind of new things.

Personally, I see myself as an open, honest and helpful person. At the beginning people may think I am a little reserved or restrained but in reality I have a lot of wit and esprit.

I enjoy working independently and peaceful to fully devote myself to activities and tasks. Organization and planning are important to me to be able to meet my commitments and deadlines.

If you would write a book about me it would probably be an adventure novel. My resume isn’t a straight line as I have just too many different abilities and interests.

Who can claim to have worked in four different professions?! But that is who I am and the experience and knowledge can nobody take from me and enriches my life immensely.

Still not enough of me? Then read on and or send me an email.

A man is the product of his thoughts. He is and will be, what he thinks.

– Mahatma Gandhi –

What do I want?

I want to do things that give me joy, happiness and fun. Things which are meaningful, useful and enrich or have a benefit for other people and their lives.

To be an Entrepreneur & Digital Nomad wakes in me undreamed energy and curiosity to try more and to learn and discover new things.

I love traveling, enjoying mother nature and to find inner peace and within myself.

Where are you going?

What drives you?

What are your goals?

What led you to me and my website?

Please tell me, I am eager to find out.

Life is Short – Live each day as if it were your last.

– Steve Jobs –

Where to find me as well?

Facebook: http://myli.eu/el-facebook

Twitter: http://myli.eu/el-twitter

Google+: http://myli.eu/el-google-plus

Xing: http://myli.eu/el-xing

LinkedIn: http://myli.eu/el-linkedin