How To Get 3GB Extra Free Space on Dropbox

How To Get 3GB Extra Free Space on Dropbox

Currently there are additional 3GB of free space on Dropbox if you install the latest beta version. And this is how you get the extra cloud storage.

1. Download Dropbox 1.3.36 and install
Download: Windows Dropbox 1.3.36 (Rapidshare) (166 bytes | exe | 2093 hits)
Download: Windows Dropbox 1.3.36 (Depositfiles) ( | N/A | 2024 hits)
Download: Mac Dropbox 1.3.36 (Rapidshare) (167 bytes | dmg | 2505 hits)
Download: Mac Dropbox 1.3.36 (Depositfiles) ( | N/A | 2036 hits)
Download: Linux Dropbox 1.3.36 (Rapidshare) (177 bytes | gz | 1833 hits)
Download: Linux Dropbox 1.3.36 (Depositfiles) ( | N/A | 1982 hits)

2. Create on a USB-Stick/SD-Card a DCIM folder if not already present and fill the folder with photos (min. 3GB+). After that remove the USB-Stick/SD-Card from your computer and continue with step 4.

You do not have so many photos? See step 3.

3. If you do not have enough photos you can download the following photo package. It is just 18KB but unzipped it contains up to 4.5GB of photos.

Download: Photo-Package (Rapidshare) (167 bytes | bz2 | 1770 hits)
Download: Photo-Package (Depositfiles) ( | N/A | 998 hits)

3.2 Extract the photo-archive two times and move the photos on the USB-Stick/SD-Card in the DCIM folder. Unpacker program if none exists: 7zip

4. Reconnect USB-Stick/SD-Card and click on AutoPlay at the Dropbox icon

5. Confirm the following information then the photos will be copied on the PC in the Dropbox folder

6. After that the synchronization will start

7. At the right bottom of the taskbar you will get the confirmation of the extra space you earned on Dropbox

8. After that the photos from the Dropbox folder can be deleted without loosing the extra space.

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After that follow the steps above and you will have already 5.5GB of free Dropbox Cloud-Space.

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