How To: Sign and Install Unsigned Symbian S60 Apps

How To: Sign and Install Unsigned Symbian S60 Apps

How To sign and install unsigned apps on Symbian S60 devices in 5 easy steps.

1. Register

Register an account at OPDA.

2. Login

After you signed up login.

3. Model and IMEI

Enter your Model and IMEI* details. Note: To get your IMEI enter *#06# on your phone.

After submit you will see something like this.

Make sure your “state” is at normal before you continue. This can take some time (hours) as your certificate for signing your apps has to be created. Just check back every few hours to see if the status has changed.

In the main time you could have a look to my comparison of Wuala vs. Dropbox vs. Sugarsync or download some free MP3.

4. Upload

Now you can upload and download the software which need to be signed.

5. Done

Your app is now signed and can be installed on your device. To sign more unsigned apps go back to step 4.

Did you found this tutorial helpful? And how do you sign apps?

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