Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt (Germany)

After an exhausting 11 hours flight from Seoul (South Korea) to Frankfurt (Germany) I was able to kiss -18°C German ground and this for the first time since 2.5 years. But this wasn’t the end of my journey because I spend another 8 hours in the car from Frankfurt to Hohenstein- Er. due traffic jam and snow chaos.

Finally on Saturday (19.12.09) morning I gave some hugs to my parents. It was a good feeling to be back home. After a couple hours sleep I went out to a birthday party with some friends. Monday I drove to public offices (yes on the right side of the street and yes it felt a bit weird) to organise a new passport and international driver license which expiring soon. After I visit my old work colleagues in Lichtenstein.

To the Chemnitzer Christmas market with yummy “Glühwein” (heated wine) and the movie “Avatar” I went on Tuesday (22.12.09). The following day I spend time shopping in Röhrsdorf and got my ticket for Riva (hometown restaurant) for New Years Eve.

I have to say it’s still a funny feeling to be back home as everyone talks German but it’s kinda cool and familiar as well.

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