How many days are in each month?

How many days are in each month?

How many days in the month of Mai? To answer this you can look in a calendar or at your knuckles. With the following instruction you can count the days each month with your knuckles.

To get started make a fist with one of your hands with the knuckles pointing up. Based on the knuckle and the space between knuckles you can now read the number of days each month has.

A knuckle will represent a month with 31 days and a space between them a month with 30 days or less.

How many days are in each month?Start at your index finger and count as follow:

First knuckles (forefinger): January = 31 days
Deepening: February = 28, or 29 days (Leap Year)
Second knuckle (middle finger): March = 31 days
Deepening: April = 30 days
Third knuckle (ring finger): May 31 = days
Deepening: June = 30 days
Fourth knuckle (little finger): July = 31 days

now return and count backwards

Fourth knuckle (pinky): August = 31 days
Deepening: September = 30 days
Third knuckle (ring finger): October = 31 days
Deepening: November = 30 days
Second knuckle (middle finger): December = 31 days

It is also possible to start with one hand and continue with the other one or start counting with the pinky.
How do you remember the days in each month?

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