How to Uncover and Prevent Facebook Likejacking

How to Uncover and Prevent Facebook Likejacking

What is Facebook Likejacking and How to Uncover it?

Bellow is the bookmark which you can simply drag and drop to your bookmarks.

Uncover Facebook Likejacking

The next time you get on a suspicious page and suspect an hidden “Like” frame click on this bookmark to uncover any potential Likejacking.

How to Remove Likejacking from your Facebook Profile

If you are a victim of Likejacking you need to clean up your profile as soon as possible.
Simply navigate to your profile wall and locate the unwanted “like” – mouseover – and click the “X” in the top right corner. Select “Remove and Unlike” and the Likejacking entry will be removed.

This will ensure that the Likejacking is not spreading futher throughout Facebook.

How to prevent Likejacking

The best defence is to be careful and not to assume that your friends have really liked a link. If you find a suspicious link let them know so they can remove it from there wall.

Firefox users can also use the NoScript plugin to identify Likejacking websites.
Note: Once installed make sure “ClearClick Protection” on Untrusted and Trusted sites is enabled.


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