Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul (South Korea)

After a approx 9 hours flight I arrived at the Incheon Airport (South Korea). To my surprise we been transferred to Seoul via a shuttle- bus where we checked into the Royal Hotel. Was wondering that Asiana Airlines is booking us a Hotel near the Airport but this was much better right in the city and down- town. After dinner I went out to a Christmas market which was quiet good with lot’s of shops, stalls and so on but freezing cold.

From +30°C in Sydney to -12°C in Seoul isn’t funny with only a pullover so that’s why I bought me a new jacket. Later I paid another salesman 5 AUD (~5000 Won) for some yummy sausage and he was so happy about the Australian money that he told following customers. Yes I had some great fun at the market…


The next morning (Fr 18.12.09) we checked out and I had to pay 1000 Won (~1 AUD) for a toothbrush which wasn’t included in the Asiana package for some reason. Wasn’t that big deal but unfortunately I had only a 10 AUD bank note so I got a lot of Korean money back which I gave later to a homeless guy in the city. Later on we been transferred back to the Incheon Airport who is about 45 minutes away. Overall a short but great stay in South Korea…

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